Građevinsko zemljište 200m2 - Bar - Zagrađe


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Šifra oglasa: OG37712215ME

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    Građevinsko zemljište
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  • Drzava

    Crna Gora
  • Grad

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The property is on a hillside and there are a few trees on the property. The view from the property is phenomenal, you look into one of the beautiful bays where one of the 5 beaches of Sutomore is located, you also have a view over the city and to the port of Bar and of course a great sea view. From sunrise to almost sunset you have sun all day long. The plot is not very big, but it has a lot of potential. Electricity is provided on site, the water supply is available in the neighborhood but it is advisable to help the property and the neighborhood with an additional cistern over the hot summer months The road is available but partly not in the best condition, which will soon change according to the neighborhood. Our rating: The location of the property is very good, since some luxurious houses are currently being built there, the price will soon increase significantly. It is important to note that when building on a hillside, you should factor in some higher construction costs. The neighborhood is already mostly from Germany and other EU countries.

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